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Never would I ever imagine wanting to tell people that my eyebrows aren't real. When I penciled them in I was always so nervous that people would be able to tell, or worse, that I'd sweat them off. Now my eyebrows are perfect always. Whenever I get complimented on them now I LOVE telling people that they're tattooed, just to see the awestruck look on their faces as they look closer to try to tell where my real eyebrows end and the tattoo begins. It's like having a work of art on my face, and Mary is a true artist! C.
"Hi there, I was just browsing the Internet and stumbled on your website... and thought I'd pass on a compliment to you. Your work, AND your website is probably the BEST work I've ever seen. I've been doing permanent makeup since 2002 and I strive for perfection. So I typically like my work more than MOST out there, but now, I have to say.... When I grow up, I want to be just like you! :) Incredible work... Good job!! Have a great day! Connie P. Houston, Texas "

"Amazing, beautiful, incredibly realistic results! After more than ten years of
painstakingly penciling and powdering in my nearly-bald eyebrows, having them
done by Mary has literally changed my life. I can now walk out of the house
without spending 30, 45, and often more minutes trying to create natural looking
brows where there were none. No more worrying about sweating them off, or the
rain smearing them, or being unable to even go swimming. And living in FL, these
were legitimate daily concerns. I've tried countless numbers of brow pencils,
pens, markers, powders, waxes and anything else I could find in the hopes of
finally landing on something that would look natural, have staying power and be
easy and efficient to use. And I researched for a very long time various other
options for a solution, including permanent makeup, hair "transplants", and even
real-hair adhesive brows (yes, they actually exist!), but none were appealing
options. For years, the only permanent makeup brows, or "brow tattoos", I saw
looked more like a Sharpie marker was used to draw a harsh block of color rather
than looking like realistic, natural looking brows. But the hair stroke
technique that Mary employs is perfection! Even close up, they look unbelievably
real and natural. The detail is amazing; each individual hair is carefully
placed/drawn and the end result truly looks like actual eyebrows! And the
procedure was surprisingly quick and totally painless. Mary takes great pride in
her work, listens to your wishes and concerns, and is always accommodating --
all to ensure that you are totally satisfied with the results. I simply cannot
recommend her strongly enough! If you are considering having your brows done, I
absolutely believe you will be thrilled with the results you'll get! I certainly
am!!" B.- Orlando, FL
Hello Mary
I want to thank you for my beautiful eyebrows you created!
I always had beautiful thick eyebrows, eyelashes and hair my entire life so when my alopecia was triggered 3-13-12 i have been devastated.
I didn't think I could  be so happy with my eyebrows.  :):)
You are truly a gifted artist and I believe God is definitely with you!
God bless you my friend and Thank you!!!!!
Hello,i had my eyebrows done by Mary today,OMG they are so BEAUTIFUL,they look so Natural,there are no words But just to say Thank you Mary from the bottom of my HEART,i feel so good and different it's just a WONDERFUL Feeling.Mary had let me look at my brow as she was doing it and SHE brought tears to my eyes...I just kept saying i have eyebrows, omg i have eye brows.Mary just made me feel very comfortable and relaxed with some nice soothing music.I experienced no pain what so ever and no swelling.Mary you are so AMAZING and i feel so very Blessed to have found you!! Thank you!!!!
October14, 2013
Google Review:
Mary is the real deal. I have had my eye brows done by others over the years, there is NO comparison ! They look so natural, that if I did not know I had had them done I would not even be able to tell there weren't natural. I could not be happier, one less thing to have to do in the mornings , what a time saver. I also had the needling done under my eyes , WOW a group of women that I meet with regularly kept saying how I looked YOUNGER ! None of them knew I had anything done. This is defiantly money well spent , your face is the first thing people see . You will not find ANYONE better than Mary at what she does !! P.S. I am 59 years old , so I have seen it ALL !
Effortless, natural-looking beauty that is completely pain free! That’s what you’ll get from Permanent Makeup by Mary. After spending the last 26 years penciling on my brows, I had hair stroke brows done by Mary last week. They are perfect, natural-looking AND I LOVE THEM!!! It’s shaved at least 7 minutes a day off of my morning weekday routine. Over the last 26 years, that’s 47,320 minutes (approximately 32 days) that I’ve spent penciling eyebrows. A month (at least) of my life…gone. Not to mention going out for an evening and weekends.
The universe guided me to her site a few months earlier and I was AMAZED by page after page of these gorgeous, natural-looking eyebrows that I was seeing. I, like many of you, have seen those permanent makeup eyebrows so thick, flat and solid that they look as though they were courteous of Ringling Brothers. So when I found Mary’s site, I was ELATED.
I did my research on other permanent makeup salons and even found some Groupons for $99 brows. However, when I went to check out these other places work, I was horrified. I’m fairly certain that one place posted an after pic of a woman who ended up with brows that were a shade of green I can only describe as putrid! Um, yeah…no thanks!
When I went for my appointment, I found myself alone in a beautifully decorated waiting room that smelled as good as it looked. The relaxing spa music and subtly scented candles set a very inviting and relaxing mood. Mary was in the back finishing up a client and came out to greet me after a few minutes. She was a delight from beginning to end! Warm, personable, professional, likable, relatable, and fun! She walked me through everything and drew on the brows first so we could agree on a look and color before we began. The craziest part was how painless it was though. I’ve had regular tattoos before and this felt like being lightly stroked by the edge of someone’s fingernail.
Bottom line…look no further! Mary is the best of the best and affordable to boot! Thank you again, Mary for such an amazing experience and beautiful brows. Can’t wait to get my eyeliner done!!
Jen S.
St.Petersburg, FL
Mary, thank you again for my beautifully done eyebrows! I absolutely love them, I can't stop looking at them!!! :) I'm so thankful i did the research and found you, you are amazing at what you do! Truly talented! I can't wait for my December touch up! Thank you again, You are wonderful! :
R.N., Panama City, FL
Thank you Mary for my beautiful eyebrows.. Hands down, you are definitely an artist and master at what you do!!! Thank you for giving me the extra boost and the self confidence!! As I got home, my husband said , “wowwww!! , that looks soooo natural, you can’t even tell” .. He absolutely loves it just as much as I.. especially when he no longer has to wait for me to fill in my brows.. I am no good with pain and I can say, it was painless and far exceeded my expectations!!! Thank you for taking your time with my eyebrows. I can tell you are very passionate at what you do.. You were very gentle and such a perfectionist, and I love that about you!!! Thank you for making me feel sooo comfortable and at ease… wished I had found you earlier . Your work is AMAZINGGGGGGGG!!!

Soooo happy I found you!!! I’m speechless and in awwwwweee .. Your eyebrows shapes and define your face, so make sure you do your research!! With Mary, you definitely won’t regret. Worth every penny spent and the wait!!! I soooooooo LOVE it and cannot stop staring at it lol!!!! Thank you sooo much!! God bless!!!!

Christina (Nhung) Dang
Mary I just wanted to write about my experience. I have been embarrassed about my thin brows since I can remember. I left your spa Saturday afternoon literally in tears from how amazing I finally felt. From the time I walked through your door I was completely comfortable and trusted you completely. You walked me through every step of the process, you were informative, professional, and supportive of how nervous I was. I can not explain what you have given me by the wonderful job you did no my brows. My husband can not stop staring at in amazement of your art work. What I can say is you are nothing short of angel, and my hero. Thank you for everything.
Mary. I wanted to let you know I am so grateful for my new eyebrows. I
researched online for a long time to find someone great. And then I came across
you. You were by far the best choice from what I saw on your website. When I
spoke with you on the phone you we so nice and very professional, so I knew I
was coming to you.
When I got to your beautiful office, you offered me coffee...e and we talked for a
little while. It made me feel so comfortable. It was quick and painless for me.
And effortless for you because you are the best out there! Your hair stroke
technique is the most natural looking procedure.
When I came to your office for the first time I had over plucked half circle
eyebrows. Lol. You made them perfect! You by far exceeded my expectations. I
couldn't stop looking at myself. It was a new me. I finally had eyebrows that
framed and fit my face. I have not felt this confident in a long time.
I followed the after care instructions to the T. When I came back for my 2 month
touch up and looked in the mirror when you were done, I was even more impressed.
You are the best, hands down!! No one believes me that my eyebrows are tattooed
and not real. Which is the way it should be.
I can't thank you enough for making me feel confident again. And for your
amazing artistic abilities. You are such a wonderful kind woman. With a
wonderful personality. Thank you so much!

Jenny Holmes
Venice, FL
Mary, I just want to let you know how grateful and thankful I am for my new brows!!! They are soOo beautiful and natural!!! It was definely worth driving from Jacksonville to see you! I was so nervous but I relaxed bc I knew that I was in great hands. I did my research and you were hands down no questions asked person I was coming to. The procedure was painless and quick. I couldn't stay out of the mirror once I got home. My mother was AMAZED! I still can't believe it and its been 3 days! My confidence is higher than ever no more "Cinderella" eyebrows!!! I can't wait to come back for my touch up. Thank you Mary
"Hi Mary, I can remember when I first called your office and knew the moment I spoke with you, the Lord had put another Angel in my life! After last years multiple surgeries and chemo for breast cancer, the FINAL thing that would put closure on all of it for me was to have my areolas tattooed. And I did just that with you yesterday :) Words can't express how much I appreciate your kindness, sincerity, professionalism, caring and artistry! I called some other artists in the area and they wanted $500-600 for the tattoo. You offering your service to us breast cancer survivors for free, is a blessing to us all. Thank you SO much for giving me my "final step!!" Cheryl - Tampa"
"Hi Mary, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my brows. They look so natural. You are a true professional, from the start with concern for my desired look, color and comfort. I am so impressed with your technique. Thank you for accomodating my schedule.
"Hi Mary...just a note to express my gratitude to you for your outstanding
attention to detail and your artistic ability in giving me the beautiful brows
I've wanted for many years!

I am so very glad that I did my careful research before making the decision to
have this procedure done and that I chose wisely the one person I knew would get
it right! 

Thank you, Mary, for really caring about your clients and their wishes for a
natural and beautiful look! 

Drema, Hernando, FL
"My name is V****..I had by brows done by Mary and I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror. I LOVE MY NEW AND IMPROVED BROWS.  I had my brows done by the hand method previously about 3 years ago by another S. Tampa technician that promised hair stroke and I ended up with solid brows that were the wrong shape and color and it was very painful.....they scabbed horribly...and faded(thank goodness).  Mary's technique was PAINLESS.  I am sooooo glad I found her.  She is so professional and knowledgeable.  Her studio is beautiful and felt like I had known her for years.  She listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions.  My friends and family are just amazed at my beautiful brows.  DO NOT GO TO ANY ONE ELSE....Mary is your girl!!!!
Tampa, FL
"My name is Erika and I was looking for an individual that not only had the credentials but the skills to preform my eyebrow procedure. When I found Mary I was not only excited but relieved that I found someone that I could trust with this kind of procedure. I'm from St.Louis and it was well worth the trip down to Tampa, FL. Not only am I  pleased as well as my family is with the work she did, but she was even gracious enough to give me a ride back to the airport....I thought that was so nice and generous of her since I wasn't from Tampa. I am also very particular about what I liked in an eyebrow shape and she was right on point on what I wanted....she knew I had a vision on what I wanted my eyebrows to look like and she made sure I got them the way I wanted them to be! Mary also made me feel very comfortable about the procedure sometimes going in to get something done you don't feel comfortable and sometimes shy away from what you really want to say....and I want to say that she made me feel comfortable and accepted(not judged) on what I said. To me this was important because I felt she really understood my reasons without feeling like I was being judged. I'm also going back to Mary in June to get my touch up and I recommend other individuals that are interested in this kind of procedure that Mary is the one to do it! I have gotten so many compliments on there look and not only am I happy about them but I feel like I got my life back as well! Thank you Mary!"
"Mary,  I just wanted to thank you  I love your work! Thanks for fitting me for my touch-up. This was the best decision I've ever made. I don't have any tattoos and really didn't know what to expect. I was amazed, ZERO pain! Since my accident back in 2000, my eyebrows have not been symmetrical... you fixed that!! I searched for 2 years to try and find someone "I liked" who could do permanent makeup. WOW, it took a long time, but it was definitely worth it. I wish all women could experience your magic touch!!
With great appreciation,
"I want to thank you for making this a wonderful experience. I flew from New York and have no regrets. I am soooo satisfied with my new eyebrows and would recommend you to anyone interested in having this done. After months of research, I am convinced that I made the right choice (friends and family agree). I have been penciling my brows for the last 12 years and no longer have to worry. I am grateful that you were born with this talent. Thank you once again for making me so comfortable and relaxed during the procedure, I look forward to our second session."Jacqueline Brooklyn, NY
"Mary, before I learned of your amazing service, I lived the previous 7 years of my life in a depressed, introverted state.  At 35 years old, I began to lose my eyebrows from the outer edges inward.  I sought help from my dermatologist, but was told it was caused by hormones and was not treatable or reversible.  It was so embarrassing.  I could see people looking at them when they were talking to me.  I had always had thick, natural eyebrows that I never had to put much effort into.  They were shaped nicely and I did not have to wax or tweeze them.  When they started to disappear, I did not know how to deal with them.  Because I knew nothing about single hair strand tattooing, or of your talents, I resorted to eyebrow pencils and make-up.  However, I never felt like I got the right shade or shape.  My husband often commented that I was trying to do a "comb-over" with what little hairs I had left.   I am a law enforcement officer and I am outdoors in the elements every day.  To add to my embarrassment, rain and sweat would make my eyebrows run, or just a bump from my sunglasses would smudge them.  In a short period of time, I withdrew into myself and became introverted.  I always tried to blend in with the crowd and not do anything to call attention to myself.   
Then, one day my husband met a client of yours who showed him her eyebrows.  He immediately made an appointment for me with you.  At first I was skeptical and scared.  I had seen too many women out there with tattooed eyebrows that looked like thick magic markers had been used to give them the Egyptian queen look.   However, after he showed me your brow galleries, and then meeting you, ALL my worries went away.  I saw you on my lunch break.  The procedure was pain-free and 3 hours later I attended my agency's formal promotional ceremony.
It was absolutely CRAZY!  I must have received 10 compliments that night from my co-workers (male and female.)  Absolutely no one knew about the procedure, but they could see something was sure different.   My entire eye area was opened up and lifted.  The brows now have a beautiful, natural shape and color.  I not only look younger and brighter, I feel it too.  
Now when someone compliments me, I brag about you and show them your work.  They cannot believe their eyes.  It looks so natural and real.  I just can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me.  Mary, you not only gave me my face back, but you gave me my self-confidence back as well.    Thank You!!!
"HI Mary, Just wanted to tell you how much I'm loving my brows after my procedure one week ago...they look great, and everyone is SO impressed.  I've passed out several of your cards and told them to check out your website, so hopefully you will get some bookings! On Sunday, I was eating lunch with my mom, sister and her husband.  Out of the blue,  he said , and I quote "Your eyebrows are PERFECT!".  Mind you, I had not told them I had had permanent make-up done....Just a random observation from a GUY...and we all know how observant THEY are usually...especially him. LOL.  Just wanted you to know!!!After the first of the year I want to have you touch up my eyeliner....
C.H. - Osprey, FL"
"Hi Mary,
We just got back from Australia last week. It was great. But, not as great as my eyebrows are. Thanks to you. They look unbelievable!!! They are so beautiful. Everyone who knows about them says how fabulous they look. Most people don't realize, but say I look so refreshed and younger. They can't quite put their finger on it but something looks great. Then I tell them. Immediately they want to look very close and can't believe how natural they look.
You said I would probably need a touch up in 8 weeks. They still look fantastic.
My mom might be down for the month of January and may want to get them done, I'll be in touch about that.
Anyway just wanted to say thanks again.
I'm so glad I waited to get them done by you."
 Jeanie K.
Naples, FL
"Hi Mary, I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my new eyebrows! As you know, I initially bought a gift certificate for my Mom - who lost her eyebrows through chemotherapy. Because she had to undergo more treatments, she was not able to take advantage of her gift at this time. So, I decided to test you out first. Boy am I happy I did. They are perfect! I get so many compliments from friends and family. Now, my Mom can't wait to be able to get her eyebrows done. Actually, I think you may get many referrals. Thanks again and I am looking forward to your skin care services!
Ps. No more worries about pencils and smudges!! :-)"
"Dear Mary,
I consider myself so lucky to have met you in 2005. My eyebrows are constantly being complimented and unless I say they're permanent nobody knows! The real proof was when my stepmother told me recently she had no idea! This year 2010 you again amazed me with the needling procedure on my face and neck. It was a huge improvement and my close friends are commenting. The procedure was a confidence booster for me! The down time was over a weekend.  I only stayed in on a Saturday and went shopping out of town on Sunday with some makeup. It reminded me of a sunburn when it peels. Monday at work with makeup, nobody would guess!
 Your a beautiful person inside and out! I consider myself lucky to have you as my beauty magician and more importantly a trusted friend. " 
Jackie R.Tampa, FL
I can't thank you enough for the awesome job you did on my brows.  They look so good!!  YOU ROCK!!!  For those people out there who are on the fence about getting this done....I promise you, you will not be disappointed.  Mary is the only person to use!  I originally had mine done by another person and I'm telling you there's no comparison!  My brows look so natural.  Thank you so much again!!"
L.H.  Tampa, FL  10/6/10
"Mary, you are Off the Chain! Your skills are amazing. I absolutely love my eyebrows - I feel Fabulous!!!! Sending people your way... xoxoxoxox"
Betty, Orlando FL 10/3/10
"Mary, I am so pleased with my new eyebrows! As you know, I lost one of my eyebrows from radiation therapy for eye cancer and it has been a long journey over the past 11 years dealing with multiple reoccurrences of the cancer and the physical changes in my appearance. Throughout this time I’ve cried only once and it was when I left you after completing my brows.  I was totally blown away and overwhelmed with emotion to see that part of my face come back to life!  After seeing the work you’ve done on your website I was prepared to have great looking brows but it never crossed my mind that this would be such an emotional boost for me.  Thank you so much for making me look and feel great! 
"If you want eyebrows that look natural and beautiful, there is no one better than Mary. She not only does a wonderful job, she is professional, friendly and goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. I am so glad I won't have to suffer the time-consuming hassle of filling in my brows every day. Living in a house full of guys, a big plus is that they can't complain about waiting for me to get ready anymore. Now I wait on them! - M.G.
"Mary corrected my eyebrows. I have to say that Mary is a true artist; my eyebrows not only look good.... they look so natural. I had a great experience & I recommend Mary to everyone.... you wont find any one with her experience and talent. I will see you soon Mary. "
Thanks, Elizabeth Malugin Cornelius, NC
  I wanted to say thanks again!! I'm loving my new eyebrows, and I have received so many compliments already. It's been amazing to just wake up looking refreshed and bright eyed... not to mention it takes me no time at all to do my makeup now.
I am a little peely/itchy, but I know that's just part of the healing process. I've had very little fading so far, but I think I prefer them darker. I'm really looking forward to my touch up for any finishing touches my eyebrows might need."
Thanks Again,
 Brandy Thompson
"I recently had my eyebrows done by Mary. I was nervous at first, but she quickly put my mind at ease and did a superb job. For me, it was not a luxury but a necessity because my eyebrows were truly disappearing. I researched many other people and places and clearly Mary's technique is different. She is very professional and precise in her work. I couldn't be happier with the results. Thanks again Mary."
Shawn G., Tampa, FL
"Hi Mary, I want to thank you so much for the way my eyebrows look. Had I never found you,  I may have never known what I would look like with eyebrows.  You have a customer for life.....Thanks a millon!!!!!!! "
Mercy from Tampa
"Mary, I just had to update you and let you know how much I LOVE my eyebrows. At first they seemed so different and it took a little getting used to. After all I hadn't had a natural shape and non-penciled eyebrows in FOREVER. The morning after I got them done I had forgotten and almost scared myself when I got up and looked into the mirror to ... see eyebrows on my face! Once again, something I wasn't used to. I'm absolutely in love with them now. It's saved me tons of penciling in time each morning, I don't have to go through "bad eyebrow days" (that's how I referred to days when I couldn't get them penciled in evenly). Now they are always even, natural looking and beautiful!!
If anyone is debating getting work done by Mary... do it! Her before/after pictures speak for themselves, not only is she excellent at what she does but she is also professional and very sweet too. She makes you feel very comfortable. With the numbing cream, there was very little pain at all. Very tolerable! My only regret is that I didn't have this done sooner! :)"
Thanks again Mary! I look forward to my touch-up appointment in Sept!
Holly T.
Winter haven, FL
"Hi Mary! I want to thank you so very much for the amazing job you have done on my eyebrows! Mary is the perfect choice for you. I highly recommend her!!!
Thank you, Diana.
Lakewood Ranch, FL
"Hi Mary! I want to thank you so very much for the amazing job you have done on my eyebrows! I have alopecia univertalis (complete hair loss) which developed about two years ago. Being a woman without any hair is very difficult, and Mary has helped me feel better about my appearance by giving me eyebrows again. She took a blank template and created what look like real eyebrows!!! I have had so many positive comments about them already and it has only been a few weeks. If there is anyone out there like me who wants to gain more confidence in your appearance, Mary is the perfect choice for you. I admit I was a very hesitant about the procedure at first, but after meeting Mary and seeing her work all of my reservations went away. Mary truly is an artist and her work is flawless. Mary, I am so lucky to have found you and wish I had found you sooner! I feel more like myself again and I am now happy when I look in the mirror!!!"
Thank you, Thank you,
Thank you!!! Kim
"Dear Mary, Thank you so much for the GREAT eyebrow job. They make me look 10 years younger! I have recieved many compliments already. Nice work from a Nice person. "
Floral City, Fl 5/14/10
"Hey Mary! I just wanted to tell you I am SO SO SO happy with my eyeliner. I have had no swelling except a small red line right at the tattoo spot that you can't even see unless you're up close and looking for it. I've been following the instructions on aftercare like a good girl. I am actually comfortable going out with make up. I would recommend you to anyone wanting this procedure. You did an excellent job and my eyes are doing great (they must like you, lol) THANK YOU! You're fun to be around too so that made the whole experience even better."
Corina, Ellenton, FL 3/4/10
"Hello Mary, I would like to say Thank You, and Thank You. You have really made me a new woman, I enjoy waking up in the morning with full eyebrows and that wonderful beauty mark that just says it all (wow).. I was going to wait and tell my husband some months down the road but he kept giving me so many compliments that I just had to tell him and to his surprise he still didn't believe the hair strokes in the wonderful eyebrows you gave me weren't my own hair. So all I can really say is thank you GOD for bringing Mary into my life...... Thanks Mary"
 Deidre, Tampa, FL  3/3/10
Mary, Thank you for the unbelievable job you did on my eyebrow correction, they are amazing. There aren't enough kind words to express how truly wonderful you are, however your website says it all, the pictures and testimonials are 100% accurate. I hope you plan on doing this forever as you have a lifetime client in me. Thank you again!! K.B., Pembroke Pines, FL  2/22/10
 Today is the day after you did my permanent makeup for my eyebrows. When I woke up this morning I was so thrilled not to have to pencil in my brows and try to make them match. They look even better this morning than yesterday!
When I was young I had nice eyebrows, then in my late teens and 20's they became too thick and so I began to pluck... as I aged they began to come in course and gray... and I had to pluck those out too.  Then I didn't have much eyebrows left.  I had thought about permanent brows for a long time, even visited one person that had just received her license.  However, she didn't have any photos or someone I could call, she even told me that she would have to make them thicker than I wanted, and that made me very uncomfortable. Thank God I waited and found you!  My brows look amazing... I love them!  Now I won't have to carry an eyebrow pencil with me next to my lipstick anymore.  I won't have to worry about going out in the Florida humidity to discover (first time I see myself in a mirror) that part of my eyebrows have disappeared!  LOL
I compliment you on your professionalism and perfectionism!  I would recommend you to anyone!"
Thank you again!
Plant City, FL
"Mary, I was just staring at my eyebrows for the hundredth time since you did them.  I am in total disbelief at the transformation.  What was once an embarrassment, is now something I am proud of.  I can’t believe  that you were able to take something that was done so bad , and easily transform my eyebrows in to something so good.  You are truly an artist in permanent makeup.  I went in to you with what was supposed to be “hair stroke.”  It was a black, blotchy, un-even embarrassing mess.  You got to work on me by first removing color with your remarkable, painless, tattoo removal technique.  It lightened them after one removal, enough that you were able to give me the brows that I have always wanted.  The first person that did them in Pennsylvania a year ago caused not only pain beyond belief during the procedure, but the outcome was absolutely horrible.  After that experience, I was very apprehensive to have them re-done, but I was so tired of looking like I did, that I took the risk.  After much research, I came across your web site and was immediately impressed with your work.  I met with you, and everything you promised me at that first consultation came true.  I wish I would have found you first, I would have avoided a lot of pain, stress and embarrassment.  Your clients have to realize something.  Doing eyebrows on someone that has no correction needed, is still an art that you do superbly, but doing someone like me that needed extensive repair, really shows how good of an artist and expert in your field that you are.  I am looking forward to my touch up, and new permanent eyeliner."
Thank You, 
Debbie Gamble
 Celebration, FL 1/17/10
I LOVE my eyebrows, THANK YOU!  I was so hesitant to get them fixed after my first unpleasant attempt at eyebrows with an inexperienced technician.  My husband was freaking out because he knew how awful I felt the first time and now I was driving to Naples to get them done again.  You definately made me feel comfortable and confident in your abilities within minutes of meeting you.  You truely are an artist and expert in your field and I could tell that you LOVE what you do.  I couldn't be more happy with the overall experience.  My advice to readers:  Do your research, there are so many unqualified individuals out there doing false advertising.  This is a huge decision considering it's your face and it's permanent.  If you've made it to Mary's website then you are finished with your research.  Travel far and wide to get to her, it will be worth it.  MARY IS THE BEST!
Holly G.- Fort Lauderdale, FL 11/21/09
   "Hi Mary :) I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have met you. You are the sweetest, kindest, most gentle person in the world. The care and attention you gave to me at my appointment was above and beyond my expectations. Any nervousness or reservations I had upon arrival, quickly left me once I met you and saw how amazing you are at what you do. Your knowledge, confidence, and understanding made me feel so comfortable and put me at total ease. You are a true artist, and raise the bar to set a new industry standard to what other permanent technicians should strive to be. People who have never experienced something like losing their eyebrows cannot understand how insecure and self conscious you become after having been through that. Your face is the first thing people see when they meet you, and when it is incomplete you cannot help but be reserved and insecure with yourself. Prior to having my eyebrows done, my self esteem and confidence was shot because no matter how much time I spent drawing my brows on, they never looked quite good enough or natural. Anything that involved sweating, swimming, etc., was out of the question for me. Sad I know, but it is the truth ! But now that I've had the pleasure of having my brows done you, all the negative feelings I had about myself and my appearance are 100% GONE !!!!!! My eyebrows are beautiful and perfect, and absolutely nobody knows they are not mine because the look totally natural !!!! I can honestly say for the first time in years, I am secure and happy with myself and I owe it all to you. The day of my visit, I drove a total of over 10 hours (over 600 miles!!!!)to come see you. And it was worth it. I am so grateful to you, and there is no one else in the world that I would have gone to for this. I am truly a lifetime client and I am singing your praises to everyone!!!! You have no idea how thankful, and happy I am. You have honestly changed my life.
   So happy, and forever grateful-"
"I had my Permanent Makeup and Skin Needling done by Mary 7 days ago....let me just say...I LOVE HER!!!!! lol...she came highly recommended from a plastic surgeon in Tampa. I took one look at her web site and all her credentials and I knew I had found the right person. I consulted with 2 other ladies and I must say, that Mary's work, by far, is the best I have ever seen. Once you see her work, you will know what I am talking about. I could go on and on, I am loving my results already...the areas she needled are already looking amazing & my eyebrows are so wonderful, my husband can't believe they are tattooed. If you are in the market for any of these services.....then you need to meet Mary. She is so professional and informative the entire time...walking me through every step she did, I had NO pain and I felt like I knew her for years..her amazing love of what she does, most definatley comes through on every face she touches. She gets 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and my highest recommendation."
Julie Y.
St. Petersberg, FL
"Mary, I'm so sorry it has taken me forever to write to you. I just wanted to let you know, that my mother is still the only person who knows that you corrected my poor looking eyebrows. It has been 6 months (if not more) since you enhanced my look. I love my eyebrows, now that you have made them look fantastic AND so natural. Again, no one knows that my eyebrows are permanent. Not that I'm not going to tell my family. I'm going to wait another 6 months, and then tell everyone. One year with not even a hint that they are permanent. I love them. Thank you for your time, effort, and understanding"
Caroline M.
Tampa, FL
"Hi Mary! I am so glad that I met you and you did this wonderful job with my eyebrows! Especially the strokes that people assumed that I have eyebrow hair! You know, that's the whole point of it! I am glad that you have a good reputation and I am looking foward to see you again in a couple of months! You are the best!!"
Gisselle Tampa, FL
"Mary, "I am so so so very pleased with your professionalism and the services; eyeliner, eyebrows and skin needling and looking forward to my lips being done soon. I have thought about this process for a long time and have not connected with the right professional until I met you. Not only do you get "me" as a client but you have such good professional instincts and are not afraid to be authentic! You exceeded my expectations and I know that I will continue my self care journey with you for years to come! Women cannot believe that my eyebrows and liner are permanent!!!!" I am absolutely referring everyone, as you are at your professional best. You are also truly a dear, kind, gentle joyful spirit that I am honored to know. I wish you much abundance with all that you can imagine! Namaste...and see you in a few weeks...heehee!"
Naples, FL 
I just wanted to THANK YOU! You did such an awesome job! I've got
to say that you made me feel so comfortable, not to mention that you
are so down to earth!!!!!! I'm so glad that I choose to go with you
over any other person!!!!!! I will definitely recommend every one that
I know that wants permanent make-up to you!
Again Thank you so much!!!!!! See you in eight weeks!!!!
Love D.R.
Naples, FL
All I can say is.....Thank you! I LOVE the permanent makeup you did."
Alice J.
Tampa, FL
If I had known about you sooner.....I would have had this done years ago(by you only) I am glad I waited, because your work far exceeds any other work I have seen (and I have seen some real horror jobs out there).  Your honesty and candor made me even more sure that I was making the right decision to have you do my procedure.  I look forward to our touch up in 8 weeks and seeing you for my annual color are without a doubt... professional... an artist and it is my complete pleasure to know you.  I will send everyone to you that is interested in permanent makeup.  See you in October for my skin needling procedure...the beginning of a new me.  Now I am hooked!!!! 
Highest Regards,
Betty J.- Ft. Myers, FL
" Mary....I'm very happy with your permanent makeup job, well done!!!!!!!
R-Sarasota, FL"
"Dear Mary, It was such a pleasure meeting you! I love my new eyebrows! The correction procedure you did on my "old and totally messed-up" permanent eyebrows is unbelievable...I sure hope you never move out of Florida! "
Much gratitude,
JD - Bradenton, FL
 What a complete pleasure it was to meet you. Your confidence and reassuring demeanor, made my experience so wonderful....... you are so informative throughout the entire procedure.  I love, love, love my new eyebrows and eyeliner.  Thank you for doing what you love and doing it SO well.  I am planning the next procedure (he he).  See you soon. "
Louise F., Naples, Fl
"Mary has tremendous skill, professionalism & goes above and beyond in her sterility and cleanliness of this procedure....Being in the Medical field myself, these are all things that I look at, and I can honestly say that her procedure set up, technique and skill made my experience a pleasant, pain-free and comfortable one. I recommend her without reservation.  I see why she came to me so highly recommended.....she is a true artist.  Highest recommendation."
Dr. K.L, Ft. Myers, FL 
Let me start by saying that as soon as I consulted with you over the phone, I felt an instant sense of relief.  You answered all my questions, as silly as they were, with knowledge, and precision.   You definitely know what you are talking about and you definitely know how to perform such an amazing procedure.  My eyebrows look amazing and even my husband is in awe of them.  At first he was hesitant to "okay" me doing this, but once I showed him your web site and your credentials, he gave me the thumbs up.  Thank you for making me feel pretty again...I will give your cards to everyone who asks about Permanent Makeup.  See you at the touch up."
God Bless, N.K., Ft. Myers, FL  7/09
I don't know where to begin.  I absolutely, 100%,  LOVE my new eyebrows.  I didn't realize just how much of a difference it makes in my appearance..I feel and look so much younger, and that is a good thing all in itself.  I get up in the morning and don't have to worry about penciling on my eyebrows before I go outside and walk my dog.  I will without hesitation stay up on my yearly color boosts and I will highly recommend you to anyone who is interested in Permanent Makeup, I already have people asking me "what I did", that I look refreshed...when I tell then I got Permanent Makeup, they just can't believe how natural it be expecting some calls.  You are an artist and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.  You get ***** 5 stars from me.  :-)  
Your client for life,  T. C., Ft. Myers, FL  7/09
"Hi Mary,
Love my eyebrows.  My eyes look more open and defined.  When you look at the pictures where you have done corrections on peoples eyebrows there is just no comparison to the big lines they have drawn and the feathered technique you useIt is so much more natural looking. 
Even though you provided the wonderful convenience of coming to my home there was absolutely no lack of professionalism while at the same time friendly and caring.  There were also no concerns about the sanitary conditions, they were well in line with any doctors office. 
I will definitely recommend you to anyone considering permanent makeup and will be a return customer myself.
Thanks so much
Lucy Dale
North  Fort Myers"
"Dear Mary, Thank you so much. You did such a wonderful job on my eyebrows. For a long time I have been inquiring for permanent make- up, I'm happy that it took me awhile to find someone because in the process I found you. I get so many compliments on how good they look. You are a true artist and professional. Your work is priceless. "
S.Walker Valrico,FL
I am still amazed.....I LOVE my eyebrows! You came highly recommended to me and now I will highly recommend you to all.  Your talent for creating such beautiful eyebrows leaves me speechless....I am so glad I did my research and found you.........thank you!!!!
Leeza K.
Ft. Myers, FL
I am so happy with my eyebrows.  You were so informative, reassuring, professional, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with.  The procedure from beginning to end was so easy and pain-free....which I can't believe......taking the time to properly numb my brows, made all the difference...  My first procedure years ago, was so painful and unpleasant...that is why I put off getting them done again for so long....when I found your web site and saw your "amazing" pictures, I decided to do my brows again..I am just pleased beyond words and will highly recommend you to all my family and friends.  Your fabulous technique for the eyebrows is by far the best I have ever seen.  You have gained a new client for life.....Again, thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my eyebrows and I look forward to seeing you in July for my eyeliner."
100% Satisfied, H.L.-Tampa, FL
"You are a miracle worker"
C.B.-Tampa, FL (clients daughter)
Dear Mary,
"I am so delighted with the eyebrow and eyeliner correction procedures you performed for me. The permanent makeup that someone else had done on my eyebrows several years ago looked like colored-in tattoos with badly shaped brow outlines. For a long time, I have been searching for a permanent makeup professional who was proficient in using the hair stroke technique. This technique results in a very natural looking brow, not a tattoo! After finding your website, I couldn't believe that I was able to locate such a qualified artist with such amazing credentials. After reading all your certificates and learning that you have worked in the medical field with plastic surgeons and in patient care, I had no hesitation in contacting you to "fix me". How convenient it was that you came to my house with all your equipment and the most comfortable table. I was very reassured to see how clean and sterile all of your materials were and that you used new, prepackaged needles for each procedure. I was also impressed with your love and enthusiasm for your craft and that you are continually keeping abreast of the latest techniques in your field. I know it is difficult to repair a bad job that someone else previously performed, but your expertise resulted in such gorgeous brows, that I find myself continually looking in the mirror to admire your artistry! You're the best and I'm thrilled to have found you!
L.K.-Land O Lakes, FL
I wanted to tell you how happy I am with my decision to choose you to do my Permanent Makeup, my research paid off, your work by far exceeded my expectations.  I have lived with my thinning eyebrows for way too long and when I came across your web site, I knew you were the one I wanted to do my eyebrows.  You were so informative and reassuring throughout the entire procedure, and I can't believe I had no pain.  I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family that are interested in Permanent Makeup.  Thank you again and I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror, I am thrilled with my result. 
M.L.- Naples, FL
I really apologize for delaying you Thursday. My eyebrows look fantastic, so fantastic that I have an appointment for Lasik on Monday. No more glasses or contacts for me. I get ready for work in record time and now make up is optional. The "needling" you did of my scar is fantastic which is really what this email was supposed to be about but I had so much I wanted to say. So in short thank you, thank you, thank you.
Your client for life,
I highly recommend Permanent Makeup by Mary, Before she did my eyebrows I hated them. They were thin , uneven and a hassle to fill in with eyebrow pencil everyday. Now I feel like a new woman with my beautiful new eyebrows......Thanks Mary!!!                                                                                  Fran in Tampa
I'm emailing to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my eyebrows! I am very particular and can be considered "hard to please" at times but you exceeded my expectations. I had so many questions and emailed you so many times I felt like I knew  before you arrived. Your prompt arrival and assuring manner put me and my husband at ease. If anyone is considering permanent make-up Mary is the one. Mary please feel free to have your clients contact me if they are hesitant.
I am 64 years old and Mary has done permanent makeup for me for 4 years - my eyebrows and upper and lower eyeliner. I can't believe the amount of time permanent makeup saves me. Whether I'm traveling or just exercising and swimming here at home, I always look presentable. Mary is truly an artist. She's also done skin needling on the lines between my eyes, so I don't look like I have a permanent frown anymore. I should have done this years ago!
Sue McB Sun City Center
Dear Mary,    
I don't even know where to begin. You are such a great person with an amazing talent! As you know I looked into a few options before I found you. I am so glad I did find you because the work you did on my brows is just beautiful! It was just the boost in confidence I needed, I really hope you know how grateful I am! Here I am just a few hours later & already I feel great, all that panic about pain was a waste. I had it in my head it would be so horrible & was shocked to find it wasn't bad at all. I was so afraid & you really put me at ease. Being in the medical field I was so concerned about how it would look & if I would I have a natural appearance... well it does even a few hours later it looks so beautiful! I can't wait to show all my friends. I know they will love your work. I would recommend Mary to anyone who is even considering doing this. It was well worth it. She has a great way of calming you & takes it step by step. I thank you so much Mary & I will see you soon.                                  
 - Amanda W.                                                                                  
 Saint Petersburg, FL     1/18/09
"Dear Mary:
I just had to write with regard to our appointment last Thursday.  Since I’ve had permanent makeup applied on two prior occasions over the last 8 years I had some idea as to what would happen.  I do remember some discomfort during prior procedures, so this was what I was expecting.  SURPRISE!!  I felt absolutely NOTHING when you did my eyebrows, which by the way, with your ‘brush’ stroke, are just perfect!  They have never looked this good, ever, in my whole life. My previous eyeliner just needed to  be touched up, and this is where I KNOW I had had some discomfort in the past.  Well, the only sensation felt resembled being tickled by a feather.  My eyeliner looks great!  I went to work the next day, eyelids a bit puffy, but otherwise aside from instantaneous compliments, no one suspected I’d had procedures the afternoon before.  The final joy of that day was your skin needling on a sunspot on my jawbone that has been a real annoyance to me.  IT IS GONE!!!   After 6 days just a very slight pinkish glow to the area is all that’s left, and I’m sure that will be gone in another few days.  I am so pumped about this procedure that I will be booking skin needling for my entire face after the holidays.  I am hoping my husband will join me, as we are both sun bunnies and well, we know the consequences, but now we have something we can do every few years to counteract the suns’ effect on our skin.  I was delighted to get ‘check up’ calls from you the evening of and day after the procedure.  Your demeanor is wonderful, and you exhibit the most professional mannerisms and techniques I have ever encountered.  From your careful and concise explanation before every movement to your exemplary show of clean procedures, there was nothing I would want you to do differently.  I have already given out 4 of your business cards to friends whom I know would benefit from your services.  I love the fact that I can wear less makeup than I had before, no filling in my eyebrows or eyeliner, and using less eye shadow and mascara.  Why EVERY woman wouldn’t want permanent makeup is a mystery to me.  Well worth every penny!  Please feel free to use my name as I would be happy to talk to anyone considering permanent makeup or skin needling.  Thank you again, and I’ll be calling after the New Year for more!!"
Deby P. - Kenneth City, FL
"Dear Mary, Thank you so much!
I love my eyebrows.  My life is so much easier
 not having to deal with the pencil.  The color you use stay true. 
You're the best!!!"    Jackie R.- Tampa, FL
"Mary, you are a true artist!
Thank You"  Mary G. Tampa, FL
"Mary, I am so glad I found you.  I wanted my eyebrows
 done for the longest time, but was
afraid to have them done until I saw your work.  I was
sold when I saw your portfolio. The procedure
was virtually painless and I can't wait to get my eyeliner done.
You were professional and had a gentle touch, thank you for that,
I am a R.N. and know how important it is to make your patients feel
at ease and comfortable....I will recommend you to all
my friends and family!"  Cathy H. - Naples, FL
"Hi Mary,  I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with
the permanent make-up you applied to my eyebrows!!
The process was so easy and pain-free!!  It's great
to go swimming and have eyebrows
when I get out of the pool.
I can't thank you enough- you are truly an expert!"
Sincerely,  Jill L. - Tampa, FL
"All I can say is Thank You!! I can actually
enjoy my coffee in the morning while I get ready for
work.  It really saves me so much time.  Where were you
10 years ago???!  You are the best!"
Much Thanks.  Betty P.- Sun City Center, FL
" I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my eyebrows! You are Fabulous"
T.S.- Tampa, FL
"Mary, I was very apprehensive to having my eyebrows "tattooed",
but after our consultation, seeing your wonderful portfolio, and
the time you took educating me on the procedure
from beginning to end made my decision so
much easier.  It has been 2 weeks since you did my procedure
and I couldn't be more thrilled with the
 results......beautiful....... natural looking eyebrows!
You are a true professional! 
 I will recommend you without hesitation."
Melissa G. - Tampa, FL
"Mary, I wanted to thank you for correcting my eyebrows.
I wish I would have come to you first.  You made them look
100% better.  Thank you so so much."
S.J. - Tampa, FL
I did not come to this decision lightly
considering this is forever...
It was important that I did my research
I had seen enough horror stories
and botched jobs to know that I
could not trust my face to just anyone...
I found Mary on a random search of the
internet... Her work spoke for itself.
It was important that I made contact with her.     
Mary, throughout this process has been
professional, courteous and patient. 
At my consultation I quickly learned 
she is a genuine person and it
is evident not only is she AMAZING at
what she does... she LOVES it and
that is what I felt through our interactions...
So I finally made the decision to do it!
Was I apprehensive? YES!
Was I nervous...  ABSOLUTELY
Stretched out on the table I kept thinking
to myself this is forever... no turning back!
Mary talked me through the entire process
and then the big reveal....
Well, after almost 10 yrs of using all types
of methods to create natural soft brows
that I had to carefully draw on each morning
to face the world.... I can now say bye bye
brush brow!!!! .... My eyebrows are gorgeous,
natural and everything I hoped for!
Mary you are a true artist and THANK GOD
I found you!!!!  
-Shelley W.
Tampa, FL                  Jan. 4, 2009